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As a busy Mum of three I am constantly looking for new activities that will engage and entertain my children, and contribute to their life learnings.

When my eldest child was about two I started looking for pre-school sports and activity classes for him. My husband and I both enjoy sport and have a keen interest in cricket, so I was amazed to find that there was a pre-school class for a lot of sports, but not cricket. And so, Little Cricket was born (at least in my head anyway!) 


The UK's Chief Medical Officers recommend that children under five who can walk should be physically active for 180 minutes (three hours) spread throughout the day, including all activity intensities from light through to vigorous activity. Sadly, only 9% of children aged 2-4 years in England meet the physical activity recommendations and 84% participate in less than one hour of physical activity per day.


Whilst I saw the opportunity to launch a pre-school cricket activity class, I wanted Little Cricket to be more than just bats and balls, I wanted the classes to be somewhere that pre-school girls and boys could grow, develop and learn through cricket.


So Little Cricket has been developed on four core principles:

  1. Fundamental Movement Skills - "Cricket develops nine of the ten Fundamental Movement Skills, more than any other sport" - Matt Dwyer, ECB Director of Participation and Growth
  2. Early Learning Goals - Little Cricket classes use relevant ELGs to ensure that they are delivered at the correct level for the participants and contribute towards the ELGs for their respective age groups.
  3. Learning Through Doing - when children play and do they are learning at the highest level.
  4. The Spirit of Cricket - embedding respect and sportsmanship in the game by incorporating it into our classes.


We hope you are as excited about Little Cricket as we are and hope to see you and your child at one of our classes in York very soon.


Melissa & the Little Cricket team.


07511 046890